IDF Special Forces arrested this morning Muhamad Naifa, a senior Fatah operative wanted by the security forces. He was arrested in the town of Shuweika north of Tul-Karem together with two more wanted men.

The forces surrounded the house where the suspect was holed up and called for him to surrender himself over a number of hours.

The wanted man contacted the army through human rights organizations and asked to turn himself in. In response the army told him that if he surrendered himself, he would not be hurt, and a short while later he turned himself in to IDF forces.

Muhammad Naifa, who belongs to the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, responsible for dispatching the deadly terrorist attack in Kibbutz metser on the 10.11.02, in which 5 civilians were killed, including a mother and her children. He was also responsible for the attack on the community of Hermesh on the 20.10.02 in which 3 female civilians were killed, and more were injured.