Muhammad Sider, the head of the Islamic Jihad in Hebron, was killed this morning during attempts by Israeli security forces to arrest him in the house he was hiding in.

Muhammad Sider was responsible for the deaths of 19 Israelis and the wounding of 82 others. In addition, Sider was responsible for the death of two TIPH observers and the wounding of a third.

Israeli security forces called for the wanted terrorist to exit the building and turn himself in. The terrorist refused, and an exchange of fire ensued between the terrorist and Israeli security forces.

During the exchange of fire, a number of explosions occurred inside the building – probably due to the presence of a signifcant amount of explosive material.

The terrorist also hurled fragmentation grenades, and killed a bomb-sniffing dog who had entered the building to search the area. It should be noted that Muhammad Sider was planning to carry out a terrorist attack in the very near future. IDF forces completed the demolition of the house which had been partially destroyed by multiple explosions.

The IDF will continue its activity in the areas under its security responsibility to prevent terrorism, which is intended to de-rail diplomatic efforts. Similiarly, the IDF expects the Palestinian Authority to act in areas under its responsibility.