Nahal Brigade Commander: Regional turbulence makes many scenarios possible

Col. Yehuda Fuchs to new soldiers: “This reality demands of us vigilance, great flexibility and skill”

Date: 01/09/2013, 3:05 PM     Author: Yael Livnat

Hundreds of soldiers gathered at the Western Wall last week for the oath of loyalty ceremony of the Nahal Brigade’s recruits who enlisted in November 2012. Despite the cold weather in Jerusalem, hundreds of recruits stood in ranks and declared their loyalty to the IDF (Zahal).

“The path on which you embark is not easy,” Brigade commander Col. Yehuda Fuchs told the new soldiers. “Many challenges and hurdles lie ahead, which you will overcome through teamwork, dedication, professionalism and camaraderie.”

Col. Fuchs discussed the soldiers’ service in light of regional trends. “In this period, we are experiencing regional upheaval. The entire region is in the midst of change, the results and implications of which are unclear. In a situation like this, many scenarios become possible,” he stated. “This reality demands of us vigilance, great flexibility and skill. We must be high-quality professionals capable of adapting to the operational challenges developing around us.”

The Nahal Brigade Commander also addressed the recruits’ commanders. “This evening the people of Israel are placing you in charge of a rare and special investment, of which you are worthy,” he told them. “You, the commanders, are pledging to prepare, train and – in the hour of need – to lead your troops to victory, and in this I trust you and am confident of your success.”

Additionally, Col. Fuchs discussed the Nahal Brigade’s winter training in the Golan Heights. “We are on our way to a challenging winter training, in which we will maintain vigilance and readiness. We will be ready for every challenge and mission, we will strive for first contact, and we will triumph,” the Brigade Commander told the new recruits.”We will train, improve and prepare ourselves and our command to be better, more professional, sharper and ready for the hour of need.”

At the end of the emotional day’s events, which included a tour of Mount Herzl and the Old City, the new Nahal soldiers swore an oath of loyalty, their affirming shouts echoing throughout the Western Wall plaza.