The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit has released the name of Major Tomer (Yosef) Guterman, who was killed yesterday when his plane crashed in an IAF base in southern Israel.

Guterman was the deputy commander of the “Maga Hakesem” (Magic Touch) Squadron (an Apache Helicopter squadron). He was 30 years old and lived on the Ramon Air Force Base.

His funeral will be held tomorrow, March 5, 2003, at 3pm, at the military cemetery in Haifa. The family of the deceases has requested that there be no media coverage of the funeral.

Yesterday, around 9pm, a Socata TB-20 Trinidad (“Pashosh”), crashed during a routine training exercise. The pilot, Major Tomer (Yosef) Guterman, a certified pilot on this type of aircraft, reported to the control tower, as procedures requested, of his flight course. After a few seconds the crash, viewed in the control tower, occurred. Emergency fire and medical teams were rushed to the scene.

IAF Commander, Major General Dan Halutz has appointed a commission, headed by a Lt. Colonel, to investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident.