Seven IDF soldiers and an Israeli citizen were murdered by the deadly terrorist attack at the Azor junction this morning (‎14‎ ‎February‎ ‎2001), near Holon. One female soldier was severely wounded, two female soldiers were seriously wounded another two soldiers were moderately wounded, and sixteen other soldiers were wounded lightly.The families of the deceased and seriously wounded have been notified.

The following are the names of those who were killed in the terrorist attack:

      · Ofir Magidesh, Staff Sergeant., 20-years-old from Kiryat Malachi
      · David Iluz, Sergeant, 21-years-old from Kiryat Malachi
      · Julie Viener, Sergeant, 21-years-old from Jerusalem
      · Rachel Levy, Sergeant, 19-years-old from Ashkelon
      · Kochava Polanski, Sergeant, 19-years-old from Ashkelon
      · Alexander Manevich, Corporal, 18-years-old from Ashkelon
      · Jasmin Karisi, Corporal, 18-years-old from Ashkelon

The IDF sends its condolences to the families of those killed, and sends its wishes for a quick and full recovery to the wounded.