Navy Commander: “The sea is Israel’s strategic depth”

Vice Adm. Ram Rothberg: “The Navy has become the strategic arm at sea, and its importance as a part of this nation’s security has grown”

Date: 05/09/2012, 7:45 PM     Author: Vice Adm. Ram Rothberg, Commander in Chief of the Navy

These days, when the waters are turbulent and the sea is stormy, we professional mariners must navigate by way of our own compass – the soldier’s compass. Vision, culture, our operational outlook, and the structure of our forces motivate us as a singular entity: soldier, warrior, commander,  combat support forces, civilian employees, and reservists for the achievement of our mission – victory in battle.

Over the past year, alongside unique and covert operations, we have worked together to promote readiness for war and to keep our maritime borders safe. We can say with pride that Israel’s naval assets have defended our maritime borders while improving our readiness for war.

The regional environment is changing before our eyes, both on land and at sea. The Navy has become the strategic arm at sea and its importance as a part of this nation’s security has grown. The sea is Israel’s strategic depth. The Navy will continue to maintain this advantage; it is our duty and our mission.
We will continue operating professionally and with the strictest adherence to our values. We will continue to work in conjunction with all units of the IDF (Zahal) and to live up to the faith that Israel’s citizens have in us, the Navy.

Today, like every other day, we will continue to support and embrace the bereaved families. Their sons have lit our path, both in their actions and in their passing. Their memory will never be forgotten. Values are the foundation of command, of leadership, and of victory. This is our soldier’s compass; this is our way.