Navy Commandos win award for best technicians in Navy

The Navy Commandos, already noted for their elite operational activity, win an award for outstanding technical excellence among all units of the Navy

Date: 23/10/2012, 6:43 PM     Author: Matan Galin

For the first time, an award was presented for technical expertise and quality control for naval equipment. The award was presented to the technicians of the Navy Commandos Shayetet 13, whose quality management system surpassed global quality standards while making efforts to improve on a daily basis.

Last week, the Navy held a conference addressing quality control for all naval equipment, focusing on implanting a culture of quality and professionalism within the shipyards. “This is not the first time the corps’ officer are discussing the matter, but this year we decided to raise the importance of the discourse and acknowledge outstanding units. The Engineering Quality Control Branch held the conference and all naval technicians attended. A naval technician is one who strives for quality, excellence, knowledge, and integration,” said the Chief of Navy Material Command RADM (Rear Admiral) Moshe Zana.

“Obviously, our starting point is quality control, but we need to learn what is not good quality in order to learn how to improve. Today we know it starts from the bottom up, educating the rookie shipyard workers,” said RADM Zana, who is responsible for maintenance, procurement, research, and development for all naval vessels and systems. RADM Zana referred to lessons learned from previous events saying, “I investigate the events, draw conclusions, and ultimately see whether we achieved the goals we set for ourselves. Events happen, and will continue to happen- the question is how we handled them. Today our readiness is much better and it will be hard to surprise us.”

RADM Zana also discussed the economic efficiency of the navy, which encourages the constant effort for quality control in tools and equipment. “Quality control is less extravagant and has economic significance. If equipment is not maintained properly it will be returned to the production line and save valuable hours and money.”