New academy to increase cooperation between IDF forces

The recently opened school trains officers of the Air Force and the Ground Forces so as to increase integration of units

Date: 29/08/2012, 12:51 PM     Author: IAF Website

The IDF (Zahal) recently opened its Academy of Integration, which aims to increase cooperation among various units within the military.

So far, the school has begun training officers of the IAF and the Ground Forces on methods of cooperation between the forces, both in routine circumstances and in emergencies. It is expected to soon begin hosting representatives from throughout the IDF (Zahal) for training, exercises, workshops, and seminars intended to strengthen the cooperation between the Air Force and the Ground Forces.

Cooperation between air and ground units figures prominently in training within the IDF (Zahal). “At this point, most of the activities of the formation of assault helicopters are focused on training with the ground units,” Brig. Gen. David Barki, head of the helicopter squadron, told IAF Magazine. “Since 2006, there has been a significant increase in joint training. This means extensive training for a majority of the components of the IDF (Zahal) – in the commands, in the divisions, and in the brigades.”

“The whole purpose is to reach a common training and awareness of the needs and the capabilities from the air and from the ground,” added Brig. Gen. Barki.