New anti-tank missile defense systems implemented in the Gaza region

In response to the growing anti-tank missile threats in the Gaza Strip region, Southern Command incorporates two high-tech defense systems

Date: 18/03/2012, 11:50 AM     Author: Hadas Duvdevani

The Southern Command recently combined two new technological systems as a response to the growing anti-tank missile threat in the region. The systems were developed by the Elbit Systems Ltd. Company, enabling early detection and warning as well as redirecting of launched anti-tank missiles.

Elbit Systems is one of the leaders in the security market in Israel and abroad, and a main weapon supplier for the IDF (Zahal).

“Due to the anti-tank missile threat in the Southern Command, we’ve been looking for a means of detecting the missile’s launching site. The Gaza Strip region is primary and the need for technology emerged immediately after a children’s school bus was hit last year,” said Head of the Southern Command Weapon and Technologies Department, Maj. Nissan Mizrachi.

One of the new systems allows for detecting of laser-operated weapons and warns against possible threats. The technology detects the direction of the threat and its type and informs the commander in the field both visually and using audio. Based on the direction and speed the system calculates where the missile will land. The system thus assists, for example a tank, in directing its fire directly towards the threat. The warning provided by the system provides a 360 degree range.

The second newly implemented system, also develop by Elbit Systems also provides the ultimate defense by diverting attacks. The system redirects the missile and its course using several different technologies, ensuring the vehicle carrying the system is not harmed, and provides wide-range defense.

Both systems became operational in the past few months and provides defense against the growing anti-tank missile threat in the Gaza Strip region. Simultaneously, the Southern Command paved a new route safe of anti-tank missile threats, used by communities in the area. The road’s unique location in a land fold provides ultimate protection of anti-tank missiles.