New Combat Collection Corps Transformed To Improve Field Intelligence

Date: 25/03/2009, 8:14 PM     Author: Arnon Ben-Dror

The Field Intelligence Corps is moving its intelligence authorizations to the Intelligence Corps and will become known as the Combat Collection Corps, starting this summer. The new changes will entail more concentrated field work, which will be responsible for gathering only combat information. Until today, the corps had been dealing with training intelligence officers and non-commissioned officers in the field intelligence units.

The change is being instated to allow the corps to focus their resources solely on collecting combat intelligence information, in order to improve the existing capabilities in this field. Similarly, the Corps is expected to take on responsibilities of collecting information related to combat that are currently not under the Field Intelligence Corps, such as the reconnaissance departments, now existing in the Combat Engineering Corps.

The decision for the change to occur with the Field Intelligence Corps occurred at the end of 2008, after the downfall of intensive work during the last two year. The Combat Collection Corps will include three battalions in the Field Intelligence Corps that exist today; the Shachaf Batallion, Nitzan Battalion and Nesher Battalion, as well as, the Field Intelligence School where combat gatherers and look-outs of the Corps will be trained.

At the same time, the Field Intelligence Corps are preparing to transfer the Field Intelligence School from Tze’elim to the Sayarim military base. The transfer, which is expected to take place this May, will give the Field Intelligence School an exclusive fire range which will improve the conditions of the service for its soldiers and increase the quantity of classes from what exists now. The move is part of the comprehensive plan of the GOC Army headquarters, where the goal is to turn the Shizafon/Sayarim area to the main soldier training campus. The Artillery soldiers in their basic training, now on the Sayarim military base, will be transferred to the nearby Shizafon military base, so the Sayarim base will be the home for the soldiers of the Combat Collection Unit (currently in the Field Intelligence Corps) only.