New highly protective shelters to increase security at IDF bases

Ground Forces bases will be equipped with superior armored bomb shelters, providing absolute defense against rocket fire attacks, terrorist infiltrations, and more

Date: 11/07/2012, 10:57 AM     Author: Iddan Sonsino

Highly protective armor bomb shelters will be stationed at over fifty Ground Forces bases as part of an effort to increase security and defend IDF (Zahal) soldiers against rocket fire attacks, terrorist infiltrations, theft and more.
The shelters were developed by the Home Front Command and allow for complete protection. Head of the Combat Engineering fortification department, Maj. Andresh Shenkar explained to the IDF (Zahal) Website, “The shelters can provide as many as twenty people with hermetic protection, much better than shelters currently in use. No matter where the soldier is in the structure, he or she will be safe. The shelter is strong and is already being tested at several large bases.” The armored bomb shelters also offer new features such as ventilation systems. They are also especially light weight and easily transferred.
With the multi-annual plan, the IDF (Zahal) plans to invest large sums in the security of its bases and soldiers. “Our goal is to defend against a variety of threats, ranging from malicious terrorist attacks to mere thefts,” said head of the Ground Forces base-security department, Maj. Avihud Alihi, to the IDF (Zahal) Website. “We are planning security projects to be implemented in the coming years, including investment in highly advanced technologies that will detect bodies approaching the base’s fence.”
Security at IDF (Zahal) bases has already greatly improved over the past few years. Maj. Alihi explained that work at a base in southern Israel has already proven successful: “We installed electronic fences and radars, and were able to completely eliminate infiltrations to the base,” he said.