New HMEE bulldozer to be incorporated in the IDF

Within the next year, a new heavy armed engineering vehicle from the U.S. will be used by the Engineering Corps

Date: 14/09/2011, 4:30 PM     Author: Daniella Bokor

The High Mobility Engineer Excavator (HMEE) will soon be incorporated into a paratroopers’ division of the Central Command.

The HMEE is one of several other heavy engineering tools already employed by the Combat Engineering Corps, and underwent several changes to better accommodate the IDF (Zahal)’s needs.

Developed in England for the U.S. Army, the HMEE is used to break through barriers. It also offers new useful abilities such as connecting to hydraulic tools and enhanced mobility. The vehicle can travel quickly and on any terrain.

According to the JCB Company, the HMEE offers its crew superior defense and is resistant to bullets and explosions. Additionally, it has a 4,400kg capacity and can dig over 12 meters into the ground. For the soldiers’ health and convenience, the vehicle also has air conditioning.

Multiple features were added to the vehicle accommodating it to the needs of the IDF (Zahal). Several HMEEs are already in IDF (Zahal) possession and will become operational once experimentation will be completed.

“The new HMEE is extremely useful,” said Lt. Elad Lahav, Engineering Corps Weapons Department Officer, “this is a new capability for the Engineering Corps.”

In an earlier interview, Maj. Avi Eiloz, Heavy Engineering Equipment Department Officer said that “the enemy continues to improve and the battlefield becomes more dangerous. The HMEE is one of the Engineering Corps’ solutions to this. Its swiftness in comparison to its size will enable it to join any force.”