New Home Front Command officers complete training course

During training, cadets faced command and control challenges under conditions of fatigue and stress

Date: 17/06/2012, 2:54 PM     Author: Daniella Bokor

Dozens of cadets finished last Thursday (June 14) the Home Front Command officer training course. The new officers will serve as commanders in a variety of roles in the Home Front Command.

During the course, the cadets dealt with challenges of command and control under conditions of fatigue and stress. Professional training was given in areas such as rescue, non-conventional warfare, and population.

“We dealt quite a bit with fortitude, and also touched on leadership,” said head of commanders, Lt. Col. Shai Balish.
“Because of current threats from which we expect damage to the home front, it was important for us to work a lot on intense scenarios and we challenged [the cadets] with command dilemmas. We didn’t just provide them with tools to respond during a natural disaster or a war. We created complex problems for the cadets and demanded they respond in a highly-planned manner.”

During the course, the cadets overcame a number of tough physical and mental challenges.

“This was a decision-making test, to see how they operate under unbearable conditions and what decisions they make,” Lt. Col. Balish said. “I can testify that the test succeeded in a good manner and that it challenged the cadets wonderfully.”

“We understand that in every conflict or natural disaster, Israel will need the Home Front Command to respond to the needs of civilians,” said Brigadier General Tzvika Tessler at the course graduation ceremony. “Our goal is to save lives and improve the resilience of the State of Israel.”