New paratroopers, members of elite units swear loyalty

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In a ceremony held at the Western Wall last week, hundreds of recent graduates of basic training declared their loyalty to the IDF (Zahal)

Date: 19/02/2013, 4:17 PM     Author: Yael Livnat

Hundreds of new soldiers of the Paratroopers Brigade and the elite units Maglan, Duvdevan, Sayeret Matkal and the 669 Airborne Rescue and Evacuation Unit officially swore their allegiance to the IDF (Zahal) in a ceremony held at the Western Wall last week.

The Commander of the Paratroopers Brigade, Col. Amir Baram, addressed the recent graduates of basic training, saying, “With your oath, you are joining the paratroopers’ family and adopting the values of humanity, volunteerism and drive to engage and win – but most of all, you are swearing to triumph.”

Col. Baram shared some of the Brigade’s legacy with the large crowd that gathered at the Western Wall plaza. He described the profound meaning of the Paratroopers Brigade’s motto – ‘follow me,’ meaning that the commanders lead their soldiers from the front rather than from the rear, putting themselves in danger before their soldiers. He described this notion as a moral imperative and a style of leadership to which the Brigade is committed in theory and in practice.

“The Paratroopers Brigade, then and today, has chosen the path of ‘follow me’,” the commander stated.  “We are the first to be exposed to enemy fire – to move in the front like a pioneer ahead of the camp. These are the qualities of the Paratroopers, and thanks to them, all others will know that in the hour of need there are those who will stand on guard and fight for the existence of the State of Israel.”

After the proud soldiers declared their allegiance to the IDF (Zahal), Col. Baram told them they “have the privilege to be a part of this glorious legacy, and we have the privilege to receive you into our command.” He added that “we, the commanders, swear to train you properly, to demand from you high demands, to teach and educate you, to lead you to appropriate missions and to treat you with sensitivity.”