New radar systems introduced to secure Gaza border

Number of attempted and successful border infiltrations have dropped significantly since introduction of new systems

Date: 18/03/2012, 11:24 AM     Author: Florit Shoihet

The unique qualities of the new radars, “Baron” and “Baroness”, are thanks to a revolutionary new scanning technology. The radars are equipped with a wide view scanner, allowing them to view an entire area without rotating like traditional radars, eliminating blind spots. The new radar can scan an entire section of the border, tracking multiple targets simultaneously without rotating and leaving an area vulnerable. The radar is also sensitive to objects moving at low speeds, able to pick up lizards and trees waving in the breeze.

The radar, made by Elta Systems, is based on technology that allows it to both detect and track targets while continuously monitoring the area at the same time – offering an unprecedented level of control. The “Baron” and “Baroness” radars will be deployed around the Gaza Strip. Differences between the two models include range and angle of detection.  Their primary use will be to detect hazards approaching the border fence, locating targets both on foot and in vehicles and continuing to track their progress.

An additional advantage to the new systems is their exceptionally high resolution. These improvements will allow for an accurate assessment of terrorists approaching the border.

Officials from the Southern Command have stated that since the new system’s integration it has been placed along the border and has been dramatically proving its usefulness. According to the Southern Command, since the deployment of the radars, both attempted and successful border penetrations have dropped 70-80%. In addition, the radar provides excellent coverage of operational areas, assisting troops in the field. Officers involved with the new system have said it is a system “that has proven itself.”