The West Bank:

An Israeli citizen was injured lightly last night from live-fire aimed a bus of citizens in the city of Hebron. The citizen was treated on the spot.
Other shots were fired during the evening and at night at citizens and the security forces in a number of locations: an IDF vehicle near Beit Dagan in eastern Samaria IDF force on the Antenna hill near Ariel, an IDF force near Rachel’s Tomb adjacent to Bethlehem, Beit Haggai, the Givat Haavot neighborhood near Kiryat Arba, and Psagot. Massive fire was directed during the hours of the night at the Jewish residence in Hebron and at an IDF force in the settlement. Two bullets penetrated into a child’s room in one of the houses of the settlement.
There were no casualties from any of these incidents.
In some cases the IDF responded with fire to the sources of the shots.

The Gaza Strip:

Shots were fired upon a number of locations:
An IDF outpost near the industrial center of the Erez Crossing, a number of IDF positions near Neve Dekelim, two IDF outposts on the Israel-Egypt border close to Rafah, and an IDF post near the village of Ganei Tal.
No damage or casualties were incurred as a result of the fire.
IDF solders responded fire to the sources of the shots