The Northern Command is investing unprecedented sums of money into making its cleaning facilities more environmentally friendly.

Date: 16/11/2010, 11:43 AM    

The IDF (Zahal) Northern Command (the command center for northern Israel) will invest 1.3 million Shekels in upgrading a cleaning facility in the Jordan Base so that it is more environmentally friendly. The facility is responsible for the upkeep and cleaning of tanks, armored personnel carriers and other similar military vehicles. As part of its green investment, the Northern Command plans to add special cement ramps that will gather cleaning oil, a system separating water and oil to prevent soil contamination, and a new water recycling system. Construction is expected to begin this December.

“A great deal of oil gets used while cleaning armor, which contaminates the earth’s soil,” says Chief Warrant Officer Rony Menahem, Head of the Environmental Office in Northern Command, when explaining why the IDF (Zahal) is investing in oil quarantine measures. “In addition, the new equipment will conserve and recycle the large quantities of water used .”

According to a 2010 report by the IDF (Zahal) Fuel Center, the Northern Command is the only command in the IDF (Zahal) that strongly conserves its oil use – over 75% is currently reused. “These new changes in cleaning facilities will allow up to a 90% oil return instead of our current 77%.”

The process of making cleaning facilities more environmental friendly began in 2007 with the Amiad base and continued in 2008 to the Ein Zeitim base, but such a large sum of money has never been allocated. The Northern Command is planning to finish the green transformation process of all of its cleaning facilities in 2013. Chief Warrant Officer Menahem believes that the process of making the Jordan Base cleaning facility green will be finished in 2011.