An Israeli civilian security worker was murdered, two IDF soldiers, Staff Sergeant Tzur Or, age 20, from Rishon Letzion, and Corporal Andrei Kegeles, age 19, from Nahariya, and an Israeli Border Policeman were killed this morning when a female Palestinian suicide bomber blew herself up at a worker’s crossing terminal in the Erez industrial zone. In addition, five Israeli civilian security workers, three IDF soldiers, and a Palestinian woman were lightly wounded in the bombing.

The suicide bomber entered the security (checking) area and passed through a metal detector which was set off. The suicide bomber informed security officials that she suffered from medical problems and had a metal plate in her leg.

Due to the above-mentioned medical problems, and in order to preserve her dignity, IDF soldiers asked the suicide bomber to enter the terminal area to undergo a private security check by a female IDF soldier.

However, upon entering the terminal area, the suicide bomber blew herself up. The resulting explosion murdered an Israeli civilian security worker, two IDF soldiers, and an Israeli Border Policeman.

In addition, five Israeli civilians, three IDF soldiers, and a Palestinian woman were lightly wounded. The injured were evacuated to the hospital for medical treatment. It should also be noted that the terminal building sustained serious damage.

Since the year 2000, terrorist organizations have taken advantage of humanitarian aid granted to the Palestinian population by carrying out terrorist attacks that exploit such assistance.

These attacks have murdered three civilians, killed six security officials, and wounded eight IDF soldiers. The IDF is continuing to investigate the above-mentioned attack.