Date: 09/01/2009, 9:53 AM     Author: IDF (Zahal) Website

On Thursday night (Jan. 8), the IAF struck over 50 terrorist targets in the Gaza Strip throughout the night. Among the targets were Hamas naval police outposts; five rocket launching sites, one of which was situated next to a mosque; more than 15 weaponry storage facilities, some of them inside Hamas operatives’ houses; five weaponry manufacturing sites; an office of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad; a few storage facilities used to store explosives; Hamas outposts and headquarters, and more than five Hamas operative centers.

The Israel Navy aided ground forces and operated in the northern and central Gaza Strip throughout the night. In the central Gaza Strip, the naval forces operated in the area of the village Deir El Balah. In the northern Gaza Strip, they hit Hamas launching sites in order to thwart the firing of rockets at Israeli territory.

The aerial and naval strikes during the night are part of the support given by the IAF and the IN to the Ground Forces operating in the Gaza Strip throughout Operation Cast Lead. Among the ground forces are the Infantry Corps, the Engineering Corps, the Artillery Corps, the Intelligence Corps, and the Armored Corps. Over the course of these night time operations, two IDF (Zahal) soldiers were lightly wounded and evacuated to hospital to receive medical treatment.

Judea and Samaria region under closure

After assessing the current situation, the Minister of Defense decided to put the Judea and Samaria region under closure until Sunday (Jan. 11). During the closure, only humanitarian, medical and other exceptional cases, assessed by the Coordination and Liaison District will be considered valid reasons to cross. During the night, IDF (Zahal) forces arrested three wanted terrorists in the Judea and Samaria region; they were taken for questioning by the security forces.