Over 5 abduction attempts in the north since SFC Shalit’s return

Bamahane Magainze

Increase in motivation among terror organizations to kidnap IDF (Zahal) soldiers since abducted soldier, SFC Gliad Shalit, was returned to Israel

Date: 09/02/2012, 11:23 AM     Author: Bamahane Magazine

Since the soldier abducted by Hamas terrorists and kept in captivity in the Gaza Strip for five years, SFC Gilad Shalit, was returned to Israel, there were over five attempts to kidnap soldiers in northern Israel.

“There is a direct link between Shalit’s return and the kidnapping attempts,” said Northern Command’s military police commander, Lt. Col. Nir Golan and explained: “Terror organizations know that Israel will pay a high price for kidnapped soldiers and their motivation to abduct additional soldiers is on the rise.”

The abduction attempts were reported by soldiers. After such an attempt is reported, it is conveyed to the IDF (Zahal) criminal investigation division for further investigation. “The reports that could not be proven false are considered to be kidnapping attempts,” said Lt. Col. Golan.

The military police began intensified preventative operations, such as mock abductions and raising awareness among soldiers. “Every day there are undercover teams looking for hitchhiking soldiers,” said Lt. Col. Golan.

“Recently there have been many troubling incidents hinting at abduction intentions and we continue to clarify the regulations to all IDF (Zahal) soldiers. Additionally to forbidding hitchhiking, it is also essential not to linger at bus stops late at night. We also recommend that soldiers travel in pairs at later hours,” added head of the defense department at the Operations Directorate, Col. Shmulik Kalmi.