Palestinian patients treated in Israel go on a field day

Made possible by the IDF (Zahal), Palestinian children are treated for cancer in Israel

Date: 22/09/2011, 8:13 PM     Author: COGAT Website

A group of Palestinian children treated for cancer in Israeli hospitals went on a field day in central Israel last week.

They visited the safari in Ramat Gan, the beach in Jaffa, and went bowling in Holon.

The trip was made possible thanks to a coordinated effort by the Israeli Civil Administration, the Israel Cancer Association and volunteers from the ‘Encouragement From Ido’ charity for pediatric cancer patients in Jerusalem.

There are currently 180 pediatric cancer patients from Judea and Samaria in Hadassah Hospital, of which 50 have already received bone-marrow transplants.

Dalia Bessa, the Health Coordinator of the Civil Administration said that trips like these are important for the emotional well-being of patients with serious illnesses. She works hard to ensure that these patients receive comprehensive treatment and care.

Lagine Abu El Hayad from Bethlehem (in the picture) is currently recovering from a successful bone marrow transplant, a complex operation entirely funded by the Israeli Civil Administration, an IDF (Zahal) unit. The unit contributed 450,000 NIS towards finding a bone marrow donor, the surgery and the post-operation treatment and medication.