Paratroopers Battalion: Ready for any challenge

Florit Shoihet

Battalion recently stationed in the Judea Regional Brigade is prepared for wide range of possibilities

Date: 10/10/2011, 3:53 PM     Author: Florit Shoihet

A Paratroopers Battalion was recently stationed at the Judea Regional Brigade and is prepared for any scenario.

The soldiers recently trained in urban area patrols, in dealing with civilians and against potential riots.

The battalion also prepared mentally, examining any dilemmas that might arise with international organizations, civilians, and more.

“Hebron is important to both the Jewish and Muslim religions and the population in the area is special which makes operating here challenging,” said the Battalion Commander Lt. Col. Eran Eliel to the IDF (Zahal) Website.

“We’re fully prepared for any scenario and our commanders are trained to lead the forces. Regardless of what happens the most important thing is to complete the mission and return all our soldiers home safely,” he added.

“We train the soldiers for riots using non-lethal riot dispersal means such as tear gas, stun grenades, ‘skunk’ and rubber bullets allowing them to pacify any riot with as few injuries as possible,” explained riot dispersal officer Lt. Dan Tzviali.

The paratroopers are a voluntary mobile infantry brigade. The brigade’s recruits are handpicked after a testing period designed to evaluate both physical and mental stamina. This process is essential as a means of preserving the brigade’s most valued asset: its soldiers.

Being a paratrooper is a commitment to being a pioneer in all fields, growing up in an environment that educates and nurtures towards the highest morals, a strong love of country and being part of an elite group.

The brigade’s signature call: “Acharai!” (after me) exemplifies the spirit of the brigade and calls upon those that call it to serve as a personal example of setting a high standard based on hard work and dexterity, earning the right to lead.