Physical Training for Nahal Brigade Commanders

Date: 12/04/2009, 10:39 AM     Author: Dikla Schneider

The Commander of the Nahal Brigade, Col. Moti Baruh, has recently decided to establish a physical fitness routine that occurs alongside the Nahal Brigade’s operational activities, in order to maintain physical fitness at the highest possible level amongst his soldiers. As a part of this project, the Nahal Brigade commanders, ranging from the rank of Second Lieutenant to Colonel, participated in their first training exercise at the Wingate Institute in Netanya on Sunday, (April 12). This event was the first part of a two week long training series that will focus on the strength of the brigade in combat.

Over the course of the two week period, the commanders will undergo training in the areas of stabilization, flexibility and strength training; additionally, they will learn how to identify and prevent injuries and review important information regarding nutrition. In addition, the participants will attend lectures which will clarify the importance of combat fitness and further discuss the important role that commanders play in terms of their soldiers’ success.

The training began on Sunday (April 12), when the commanders began an eight kilometer run, lead by the Brigade’s commander, Col. Moti Baruh, and the head of the Combat Fitness Department, Col. Dr. Avi Maviel. “I discovered a high level of physical fitness, motivation, and a general love for physical achievements,” points out Col. Dr. Maviel. “This is an extraordinary initiative,” he continues, “The physical and combat fitness of the commanders has an impact on their authority and control. The fitter they are, the better prepared the combat soldiers under their command will be for the operational missions they will be required to carry out in the future.”

“I hope that the Nahal Brigade’s decision to raise the issue of physical fitness will influence other brigades and cause them to follow its example,” says Col. Dr. Maviel.