President Peres Thanks Romanian President for Cooperation

IDF (Zahal) Spokesperson

Israeli President Peres sincerely thanked Romanian President Basescu for Romania’s cooperation in recovery of bodies from helicopter crash

Date: 29/07/2010, 5:59 PM    

On Thursday night (July 29) Israeli President Shimon Peres spoke to his counterpart, Romanian President Traian Basescu for the close cooperation shown offered by Romania to Israel regarding the Yasur helicopter crash. President Peres told the Romanian President that he “thanks him from the bottom of his heart, both personally and on behalf of the entire State of Israel, for his personal involvement, warmth he granted Israel and the positive attitude shown in everything related to the treatment of IDF (Zahal) soldiers who perished in the helicopter crash”.

During the conversation, President Peres expressed his condolences to the Romanian President for the death of the Romanian pilot who also perished in the accident and he noted that “the treatment that Israel received from your country was touching to us all in general, and myself in particular, and it brought about great appreciation by the entire State of Israel”.

The Romanian President replied that he “will do everything to assist in the completion of the process of identification of the bodies as speedily as possible, in order to allow the return of your sons to their home”. President Basescu said that the identification of the bodies and their rapid return to Israel is at the top of his priorities.