On 20.5.2002 a border police force, combined with Paratrooper fighters, arrested in Tul Karem, Thawra Hamur, from the village of Jaba in the northern West Bank. The 26 year old Thawra was on her way to commit a suicide attack in Israel. She was the sixth female suicide bomber sent by the Fatah to commit a suicide attack in Israel. It must be noted, that the Islamic religious elders in the PA (including the Hamas leader Ahmed Yassin) and the Islamic world (headed by the sheikh Kardawi) have published an Islamic verdict, which allows women to commit suicide attacks.

This is a list of the female suicide bombers, prior to this case, all of which were affiliated with the Fatah:

27.1.2002- Wafa Idris blew herself up outside a shoe store in Yafo St. in central Jerusalem. As a result of the explosion a man was killed and 150 were wounded.

27.2.2002- Dareen Abu Aisha blew herself up at the Maccabim checkpoint, after the car she was driving was stopped for a routine check. As a result three policemen were wounded.

29.3.2002- Ayat Akhras blew herself up at the entrance of a supermarket in Jerusalem, after the security guard Haim (Mino) Smadar used his body to block her entrance. As a result, a 17 year old girl and the two security guards were killed.

11.4.2002- Shifa Qudsi was arrested in Tul Karem by an IDF Force. The 26 year old Shafa was recruited by the Fatah, and was suppose to carry out a suicide attack on 12.4.02 in Israel. In her interrogation she admitted that she was instructed by Fatah wanted terrorists to infiltrate Israel, disguised as a pregnant woman, and commit a suicide attack in a populated area.

12.4.2002- Andaleeb Taqteqa blew herself up in the entrance of the “Mahane Yehuda” Market in Jerusalem. As a result six people were killed and 104 were wounded.