This morning, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon visited the IDF General Staff Forum for the first time. The Minister of Defense, Mr. Binyamin Ben – Eliezer, the Director General of the Ministry of Defense, Mr. Amos Yaron, and the Head of the Mosad, Mr. Ephraim Halevi also participated in the meeting. The Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen. Shaul Mofaz, and some of the Generals reviewed for the Prime Minister and Minister of Defense different topics related to providing security for the state of Israel. The Prime Minister related to the General Staff Forum the main points of his policy point of view that he formed over the years. The Prime Minister concluded, “The dialogue with the General Staff Forum is very important to me. We will be victorious in the present conflict against the boundless terror in order to prevent additional conflicts in the future. We have an excellent army, that day and night provides security and prevents terror and violence by the Palestinian side”.