Projects undertaken to improve Gaza infrastructure

Three important construction and renovation projects recently carried out in the Gaza Strip, improving living conditions for Palestinians living in the region

Date: 16/07/2012, 12:19 PM     Author: COGAT Website

Three central construction and renovation projects have been carried out in the southern Gaza Strip over the past few weeks. These projects were implemented on the orders of Col. Khatib Mansour, commander of the Gaza Coordination and Liaison Administration (CLA), following coordination with both the IDF (Zahal) and the international community.

The projects are intended to improve the quality of life of the Palestinian population of the Gaza Strip.

Starting June 7, an area was fenced off to be used as a waste treatment facility to serve Gaza City and the central Gaza Strip. The construction of the fence followed a 2009 agreement between Israel and Germany, in which 300 hectares were designated for the construction of a wastewater treatment facility for agricultural purposes.  With the fence built, meetings are now being held regarding the construction of the facility, which is set to begin in 2014 and is expected to last three years.

The second project, in mid-June, the Land Crossings Authority of the Ministry of Defense began a large project to improve a system of pipes and pumps for the transfer of gasoline and diesel from Israel into Gaza. The old pipes were replaced with more stable pipes with a larger diameter, and some of the pumps were upgraded or replaced with pumps that work more quickly. These changes are intended to allow for a faster, more efficient, and more reliable transfer of fuels.

Finally the third project carried out between July 3 and 6, 14,000 tons of aggregates were transferred from the Sufa crossing into Gaza. The aggregates will be used for internationally supported projects to improve the infrastructure within Gaza, with a particular focus on highways and footpaths.

These three initiatives joined a list of 219 civil, financial, and infrastructural projects that have been carried out or are currently underway in the Gaza Strip, funded by the international community, with the approval and coordination of the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) and the Coordination and Liaison Administration for Gaza.