On 7 October, the Palestinian Authority released Hebron’s most senior Hamas activist, Salah Talachma, who is from the village of El-Bourej.

In light if the release of some 60 Hamas activists by the Palestinian Authority over the past few days, including twelve murderers, it is feared that a new wave of terror attacks will begin.

This step constitutes a blatant violation of agreements signed with the Palestinian Authority and is likely to draw the area once again into a cycle of violence and numerous victims.

Details Concerning the Released Hamas Activist:

During the mid-90’s, Salah Talachma served in a senior position in Hamas’ operational framework in Judea & Samaria. In this capacity, he was a coordinator of the infamous “Tzurif” gang, who in 1996/7 murdered eleven Israelis (including the kidnapping and murder of Sharon Edri and the suicide bombing of the Apropos cafe in Tel Aviv). In 1996, he was arrested by the Palestinian Authority but was never put on trial.

During his imprisonment on the Jericho prison, he held numerous hunger strikes against his incarceration.

In recent months, his release was often discussed, and in fact, last April a decision was taken by the Palestinian High Court to release him. Despite this, the release was delayed until his release on 7 October.