Reserves well prepared for emergencies, panel finds

Deputy Chief of Staff: “The Reserve Formation is a pillar of the army’s preparedness for war”

Date: 09/08/2012, 3:15 PM     Author: Yael Livnat

The IDF (Zahal) recently held a panel discussion on the status and role of the Reserve Formation. Deputy Chief of the General Staff Maj. Gen. Yair Naveh led the discussion, which also included Chief Reserve Officer Brig. Gen. Shuki Ben-Anat and representatives of the various branches and forces.

The panel expressed satisfaction with the reserves’ preparedness for emergencies. “The Reserve Formation has sufficient emergency supplies and a high level of operational capabilities,” it stated.

Maj. Gen. Naveh emphasized the importance of the reserves, saying, “In my eyes, the Reserve Formation is a pillar of the army’s preparedness for war, and therefore there is a need to invest in its capabilities.”

The discussion also focused on lessons learned from the Second Lebanon War. “The IDF (Zahal) has always known how to analyze its past actions, to investigate deeply and to draw the necessary conclusions,” explained Brig. Gen. Ben-Anat. “Immediately after the war, a wide-ranging operative change began, starting with training – content and balance – through operational activity, to significant logistical changes.”