In honor of the festival of Passover, the IDF will open part of its training areas for hikers during the holiday.

In light of the security situation, be certain to coordinate entering a training area with the IDF and the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel.

Any uncoordinated entries into a training area, throughout Israel, are illegal and endanger the lives of the hikers.

Hikes, events, and assemblies planned in Judea, Samaria, and the Jordan Valley should be coordinated in advance with the coordinating office of the Central Command. Likewise, the IDF Spokesperson has reemphasized the order of the Head of Central Command that prohibits the entry of Israeli civilians into Area A and recommends that Israelis refrain from entering Area B and life threatening situations unless previously coordinated with security forces.

The following are telephone numbers for clarification and coordination:
South – (08) 990-2926/7
Center – (02) 530-5372
North – (04) 697-9007