The Military Police has recently carried out an investigation following several incidents of weapons theft from an IDF base in the northern part of the country. In the investigation, and as a result of a complex intelligence effort carried out by CID North and the Israeli Police (Tiberias Station), a soldier was identified who served in one of the units in the north of country. It was suspected that he had stolen the weapons and was keeping them at his home. A search of his domicile resulted in the discovery of two guns and a great deal of stolen military equipment. The soldier admitted during interrogation that he had stolen the two guns and had removed the military equipment, and he will be brought before a judge to extend the period of his imprisonment while the investigation continues.

This operation is the last of several intensive investigations aimed at locating weapons and military equipment stolen from the IDF. The goal has been to prevent weapons from reaching Arab terrorist and criminal elements. These kinds of operations are one of the main objectives that the Military Police has set for itself.