On the 7th of January 2001, an IDF force opened fire at a vehicle that bypassed a checkpoint in the area of Kfar Salem, east of Nablus. The shots hit and killed a Palestinian. The inquiry into the incident, led by the CO Samaria Brigade, found that the commander of the force acted against instructions for opening fire.

On the 9th of January, an IDF force opened fire on the vehicle of the Litani vice Patriarch at the checkpoint after his vehicle did not stop at the checkpoint, near the Bezek base, adjacent to the city of Jenin. The force should have acted differently in this case as well.

In the inquiry held by the Menashe Brigade found that the force was mistaken in the way it responded, in the handling of the incident, and in the way it related to a car with diplomatic license plates. Steps will be taken in the Command against the soldiers and officers in these cases of mistaken behavior.

There have been a number of incidents lately when Palestinian residents of the West Bank were wounded or killed at points of conflict with IDF soldiers.

For the past four months, the residents of the West Bank and the IDF soldiers have been subject to numerous shooting attacks on the roads, from passing vehicles, and from ambushes. These attacks create a harsh reality for Israeli citizens and IDF soldiers.

IDF soldiers have been working arduously at stopping the shooting attacks. They have risked their lives and acted in dangerous and complex situations in order to allow the residents of the West Bank to live as normal and healthy of a life as possible.