On the night of August 1st, a safety incident occurred in the main training base for field units in southern Israel. During a training exercise for reserve soldiers, several artillery shells fells within 16km of the target in an active firing ground. There were no soldiers at the firing ground during this event.

Following the incident, an inquiry was conducted by the commander of the training facility, by the Chief-Artillery Officer, and by Army Headquarters Commander, Maj.
Gen. Moshe Ivri Sukenik.

The inquiry revealed professional breaches and a failure of the safety component. The Head of the Army Headquarters instructed the Chief-Artillery Officer to complete the missing professional directives, to refresh existing commands and directives, and to hold a professional convention in which the lessons of the incident will be presented to the entire Artillery Corps.

In addition, Maj. Gen. Sukenik instructed that disciplinary measures be taken against those responsible for the incident. Following the presentation of the inquiry and its lessons, the unit returned to complete its training.

The IDF views severely any case of safety failures and investigates such incidents in a thorough manner. Lessons derived from the incidents are later extensively studied throughout the IDF.