A joint operation of the IDF (Zahal), ISA and the Israel Police led to the capture of 5 Palestinians who attacked Israeli civilian vehicles two weeks ago

Date: 24/03/2013, 12:42 PM     Author: IDF (Zahal) Website

Five Palestinians who played a role in the rock-hurling incident near the Israeli city of Ariel two weeks ago (March 14) have been apprehended in a joint operation conducted by the IDF (Zahal), the ISA (Israel Security Agency or Shin Bet) and the Israel Police.
The Palestinians responsible for the attack had hurled rocks at Israeli civilian vehicles traveling on a main road near Kifl Haris, striking several vehicles. As a result, a resident of the community of Yakir, who was traveling with three of her daughters, lost control of her vehicle and hit a truck. The driver and two of her daughters were moderately injured, and a third was critically injured and remains hospitalized today.
Security forces took immediate action in order to identify those responsible for the attack. During the investigation, five Palestinians, residents of Kifl Haris, confessed to their involvement in the attack. The investigation is ongoing.
The past few months have registered an increase in similar acts of terrorism and rock hurling incidents. The severe results of this incident convey the serious threat posed by seemingly innocuous activities.