In the early hours of the morning on June 17th, 2003, security forces thwarted a break out attempt from Megido prison.

A Military Policeman standing at his guard post identified a prisoner just outside of the internal security gates of the prison. The Military Policeman managed to contain the prisoner, and with the help of other security personnel, transfer him to solitary confinement.

The work of a prison security guard is based on the assumption that the prisoners will try to attack the prison guards and escape. Thus, the guards are well trained to deal with this kind of event.

Head of the IDF Military Police, Brigadier General Miki Barel, investigated the event personally and gave his evaluations to the Military Police and security forces on the spot. That afternoon, Brig. Gen Barel presented merit certificates to those security personnel involved in the event, for their efficient handling of the situation.

The IDF, and the Military Police in particular, are in charge of the security in Megido prison, including intelligence gathering in order to prevent any serious event from occurring, such as an escape attempt. This attempt was the fourth of its kind that was thwarted in Megido prison in the last year.