1. The General Security Service (GSS), the Israeli police and the IDF recently uncovered a “Hamas” military infrastructure which operated in the West Bank and was responsible for carrying out a number of terrorist attacks during which, explosive devices were placed in crowded places in the cites of Netanya and Hadera. Dozens of Israeli civilians were injured in these attacks.
2. The infrastructure was uncovered following a GSS questioning of a “Hamas” activist, a resident of Anabta and a student at the University of Najah, who was arrested during an Israeli police initiated activity, on Jan 30 2000 – after being seen wandering around suspiciously in the market area of Netanya.

3. During questioning by the GSS, the detainee admitted to being part of a “Hamas” military infrastructure whom most of its members are students in the Islamic party at the University of Najah and the University of Hebron.

4. Parallel to the GSS questioning on Feb 10 2000, one Palestinian was killed and another wounded during an attempted attack in the village of Dikh in the area of Samaria. The two were taken to hospital in Nablus. During the inquiry of the event it was discovered that the two are connected to the “Hamas” military infrastructure.

5. In a protracted inquiry, carried out by the Israeli security forces and the Palestinian Authority (PA) the infrastructure that was involved in placing explosive charges in Netanya & Hadera was uncovered:

A. A Netanya bombing on 15 August 1999 at 06:20 am at the entrance to an office building on Raziel St.

B. Placing an explosive device that was discovered on Aug. 16 1999 on the route leading to the D.C.O office in the city of Ramallah.

C. A Netanya bombing on Nov. 7 1999 at 10:20 am at the corner of Herel and Shar Hagay streets resulting in 20 injured civilians.

D. A Hadera bombing on Jan. 17 1999 at 11:07 am at the corner of Herbert Samuel St. and Rothchild St. 20 people were injured as a result.