Maher U’dda, a Hamas military wing operative wanted since the end of the last decade for his involvement in terrorism against Israeli civilians, was arrested last night

Date: 15/03/2010, 8:02 PM    

U’dda is one of Hamas’ founders in Ramallah. Born in 1963, U’dda is a father of four and a resident of the village of Ein-Yabrud, northeast of Ramallah. In his earliest terrorist activity in the beginning of the 90’s, he formed a Hamas cell in his village, that abducted and interrogated Palestinians suspected of cooperating with Israel. In addition, the cell demanded weapons in return to releasing those abducted, which in turn were used execute terrorist attacks.

In 1998, U’dda was investigated by Palestinian security forces, and held in a Palestinian prison for a number of months. By the time he was released, he was already considered a senior suspect wanted by Israel.

According to information acquired regarding U’dda’s terrorist activity during the second Intifadah, he held a managerial role in organizing and funding of a Hamas military cell that was responsible for the murder of 10 Israeli civilians.

U’ddas arrest is the final stage of thwarting Hamas’ military headquarters in Ramallah, which executed various terror attacks and is responsible for the murder of more than 70 Israelis.

The arrest was made possible by pinpoint intelligence information provided by the ISA