Senior IDF officer: Central Command prepared for every eventuality

The senior officer in the Central Command praised IDF (Zahal) efforts to end recent disturbances in Judea and Samaria region, maintained headlines more dramatic than reality

Date: 27/02/2013, 10:57 AM     Author: Yael Livnat

A senior officer in the IDF (Zahal) Central Command praised the work of IDF (Zahal) forces in dealing with the recent series of violent incidents and maintaining relative calm in the Judea and Samaria region, in a military press briefing held yesterday (Tuesday, February 26).

“The newspaper headlines are more dramatic than the reality in the field, even if recent months have been characterized by more significant events with a higher scale of violence,” the senior officer said. “The wave of incidents has not ended, but the intensity that we saw last weekend and during the course of recent days has quieted significantly.”

The senior officer said that the low number of casualties suffered from the incidents was due to the dedicated work of IDF (Zahal) forces.”Ultimately we have passed the events – which were characterized by violence – without fatalities. That was the target that we set ourselves,” he said. He added that the few casualties that did occur were sustained in locations where the level of violence was particularly high, such as the incident at Rachel’s Tomb where rioters hurled improvised grenades and explosive devices at IDF (Zahal) forces. “The forces in the field performed well, as a result of a high consciousness of thought regarding avoiding casualties,” he said.

The officer noted that IDF (Zahal) forces dealing with riots and civil disturbances are “proficient in [handling] these types of incidents,” adding that “the containment of riots in which hundreds of Palestinians participated – was carried out well.”

The senior officer said of the Palestinian security mechanisms that “they provide a specific contribution in obtaining calm on the ground – there is no overall loss of control.”

The senior officer maintained that the Central Command is prepared for every eventuality.  “We will do everything possible in order to make sure that the incidents do not become out of control and expand to large-scale incidents.”