Shadi Soukia, a senior member of the Islamic Jihad in Jenin and who was involved in the planning of several suicide attacks that were thwarted by security forces was arrested in the course of IDF operations in Jenin when he was hiding in the offices of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM).

Acting on intelligence information that a terrorist was hiding in a compound in which a building is used by international organizations (the Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, and the International Soldiarity Movement) in Jenin, IDF forces, in the evening hours, searched the compound. During the course of the search, the wanted terrorist’s accomplice gave himself up and two Kalashnikov rifles were found.

The terrorist was arrested as he hid in the offices of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM). Two foreign activists of the ISM organization tried to assist the wanted terrorist in evading IDF forces. A pistol was found in close proximity.

This is not the first time that terrorists make use of compound and properties of international and humanitarian organizations in the framework of terrorist activity, and particularly to hide from security forces.

Terrorists place the organizations, their workers and property in danger and hamper their ability to carry out humanitarian activities.

Shadi Soukia, born in 1983, single, and a resident of Jenin, is one of the senior Islamic Jihad activists in Jenin. He was involved in the preparation and targeting of several suicide bombing attacks that were thwarted by security services, including, the recruitment and preparation of a suicide bomber in September 2002 who planned to carry out and attack a bus in northern Israel, planning of a suicide attack in October 2002, and the planning of a suicide attack using a suitcase bomb in February 2003. Moreover, Sukia was involved in laying explosive devices and numerous shooting attacks against security forces and Israeli communities in the area.