An Israeli civilian was wounded lightly this morning by shots fired at his and other vehicles, among which was a mini-bus, on the Alon Moreh Axis.

The civilian was evacuated for medical treatment in hospital.

An IDF officer riding in the mini-bus returned fire towards the source of the shots, and a gunfight developed in the area. The officer called up forces to the scene of the incident.

Footsteps leading to the area of Kfar Salaam were identified after a search by the arriving force. The IDF declared the building from which the shots were fired to be a closed military zone, and encircled the area.

In coordination with the Palestinian Authority, Palestinian forces entered the building for a search. The gunmen were not found. A catch was found near the house, containing ammunition.

After the search was completed, the closed military zone declaration was revoked, and the forces left the scene.