The Chief of IDF General Staff, Lt.-Gen. Shaul Mofaz, ordered that immediate steps be taken in all of the Services and Commands of the IDF following the increased frequency warnings are issued from the security services on the intention of terrorist organizations to kidnap an IDF soldier. This is built upon a base of continual disregard of the current orders regarding hitchhiking by IDF soldiers who were caught in an operation orchestrated by the Operations Brigade and the Military Police.

According to the instructions of the Chief of IDF General Staff every GOC of the different Commands, Commander of a Service and Head of Directorate, must hold a special conference for the officers of rank Lt. Colonel and up. In this meeting the warnings will be presented and the responsibility of the commander to effectively explain the situation to their soldiers will be emphasized, as well as which steps to take to prevent the kidnapping of soldiers.

Soldiers caught breaking these orders will be sent directly back to their units and will be judged within 72 hours by a commander with the rank of Brig.-General who has been instructed to be increasingly harsh in punishment.

In addition the commanders of the units in which such problems will occur will be called to explain the issue before the Chief of IDF General Staff.