Storm Mark III: A close up on the vehicle used by the IDF for decades

More advanced model of the vehicle already in use for decades was recently incorporated into the various IDF (Zahal) units, equipped with a variety of new improvements

Date: 06/06/2012, 11:35 AM     Author: Ground Forces Website

Different models of the Strom off-road vehicle have been used by IDF (Zahal) units since the early 90’s and recently the third and newest model, the Strom Mark III, was put into use. Over 500 vehicles of the new model are expected become operational within the next two years.

The Strom jeep was first manufactured in the late 80’s as a military vehicle to be used by IDF (Zahal) commanders. Approximately 10 years later, armored Strom Mark I vehicles were manufactured and are still used as reconnaissance vehicles.

Capable of carrying up to 700 kilograms, the Strom Mark III is equipped with an advanced turbo-diesel engine imported from Italy with 156 horsepower and an engine torque of 40.8 kilograms per meters. 

The new model was designed by the IDF (Zahal) in cooperation with the American Chrysler company and the Nazereth Automotive Industries Ltd. Work on the model began in 2008 and during recent years underwent many tests, changes and improvements.

The series of vehicles is based on Chrysler’s Jeep Wrangler and underwent numerous improvements in Israel, accommodating it to IDF (Zahal) military use. The improvements include new systems such as a suspension system that greatly improves the jeep’s mobility, and an exterior air filter that prevents sand and dust from entering the engine. Also making the vehicle well-suited for military use, a communication system, night lights, and other classified military systems were installed.