"Strength in international law will increase freedom of action"

Military Advocate General Brig. Gen. Efroni speaks to legal forum for first time since taking the post last year

Date: 23/01/2012, 11:55 AM     Author: Matan Galin

Military Advocate General Brig. Gen. Danny Efroni spoke to a legal forum last week for the first time since being appointed to the post last year.

Brig. Gen. Efroni talked about the work of the MAG Corps.

“Our job is to enforce the law and provide consultation to army commanders,” Brig. Gen. Efroni said. “There are instances in which we are asked, as a senior legal body, to help the government. In these instances, we give our opinion, in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice.”

The importance of international law continues to grow and the MAG Corps places great emphasis on the matter.

“As the IDF (Zahal) and the State of Israel get stronger in the international field, the freedom for diplomatic and military action will also get larger,” Brig. Gen. Efroni said. “It is important that our investigations are also thought of overseas as open and genuine.”

Brig. Gen. Efroni became the Military Advocate General four months ago, taking the place of Maj. Gen. Avichai Mendelblit, who had served in the role for the previous seven years.

Brig. Gen. Efroni started his military career in the Intelligence Directorate. He attended law school and later moved from the Intelligence Directorate to the MAG Corps.