The IDF struck this morning Muhamad Ayub Muhamad Sider, born in 1978, a senior military activist of the Islamic Jihad in Hebron. He functioned as the head of the Jama’a Islamiya of the Islamic Jihad in the Polytechnic Institution in Hebron and was imprisoned 1999-2000 because of this activity.

Sider was responsible for a number of organizations that prepared explosive attacks and suicide bombings against Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers.

Muhamad Ayub Muhamad Sider was the head of the infrastructure responsible for committing and directing a series of shooting attacks in the Hebron area including the attack on 12.07.2001 in which Yehezkel Malam was murdered. Sider dispatched Hatam Shwiki who carried out the shooting attack in the French Hill in Jerusalem on 4.11.2001 in which two civilians were killed, Shoshanna Ben Yishai and Meni Regev, and dozens were injured. He also was involved in recruiting for the Islamic Jihad organization and constructing military cells that began taking part in activity including shooting at civilian and military vehicles.

In addition, Sider was involved in the planning of a shooting attack in Be’er Sheva, a planned attack that resembles the French Hill attack.

One of the cells operating under his direction planned a kidnapping of an IDF soldier and transfer to the Hebron area.

The IDF avoids harming innocent people and regrets any such occurrences.

Palestinian claims regarding harm to children are being checked.