Dear members of the public, Today between the hours of 13:00 and 15:00 in the afternoon the “silent” radio broadcast on Israel’s Reshet Aleph will broadcast a program to let people know to what frequency they need to tune their radio depending on their area.. The silent radio broadcast will facilitate the dissemination of information to the Israeli public during an emergency. A reminder, the chief Rabbis of Israel agree that it is acceptable to have the silent radio on during the Sabbath. The following are the frequencies of the broadcast:


North: 576
Jerusalem: 1458
Center: 576
Eilat: 1458


North (Galilee and Surrounding Area): 102.8
Safed: 100.7
Haifa: 97.2
Jerusalem and Center: 98.4
Be’er Sheva and Surrounding Area: 100.7
Tel Aviv: 100.7