This morning in a Special Forces operation in the village of El Fondaq, West of Nablus, a senior Hamas terrorist, Nasser Al Din Mustapha Ahmad Atsida was killed. The terrorist was armed with a Kalashnikov and was killed after he opened fire on IDF troops.

Nasser was responsible for a sequence of terrorist attacks including the two murderous attacks on the Emanuel community in which 19 innocent civilians were killed and another 40 Israelis were wounded.

Nasser Al Din Mustapha Ahmad Atsida, aged 27, from the village of Tel, near Nablus, has been a wanted Hamas terrorist since 1998 following his involvement in terrorist attacks against Israeli targets.

Nasser was incarcerated in the past by the Palestinian Authority, but was released when the conflict started. Immediately after his release, he joined forces with the Hamas terrorist infrastructure in Nablus. During this time, he was implicated in several murderous terrorist attacks against Israelis including the infiltration of the Alon Moreh community on the 28.3.02 in which four Israelis (of the same family) were murdered. Atsida was the terrorist who trained the terrorist cell that carried out the attack.

Nasser Atsida is directly responsible for two vicious terrorist attacks in the Emmanuel community. The cells that carried out the attacks were hand picked and trained by him personally. The first attack was on Dec. 12, 2001 in which a bomb was detonated next to a bus on the road leading to the Emmanuel community. After the bomb had gone off terrorists opened fire on the bus and on passing cars. 11 Israeli civilians were murdered and 30 more were injured.

The second attack took place on July 16, when terrorists dressed up as IDF soldiers activated a bomb toward a bus firing on it and throwing grenades at it and other vehicles on the road, also on the way to Emanuel. In this brutal attack, nine civilians were murdered and 16 more were injured.

The day after, during IDF searches in the area for the terrorists who had escaped, soldiers were attacked by a terrorist cell dispatched by Atsida. In the exchange of fire with the terrorists, an IDF officer was killed and one terrorist was also killed.

On August 14, 1998, Atsida took part in a shooting attack targeting the security vehicle belonging to the Yizhar community. Two Israeli civilians were murdered in the attack.

Recently, Atsida had been intensively planning additional terrorist attacks, as well as recruiting terrorists to carry them out.