Three policemen were lightly wounded last night at the Maccabim checkpoint from a bomb carried by a female suicide terrorist.

At approximately 22:30 an Israeli vehicle arrived at the Maccabim checkpoint from Ramallah with two Israeli citizens and a women. The woman roused the suspicion of the reservist soldiers at the checkpoint, and was asked to get out of the car for examination. During her questioning by the policemen at the checkpoint the female terrorist detonated the explosive charge she carried on her person and inflicted injury on the three policemen. The Policemen were evacuated to a hospital for medical treatment. After the explosion, two other passengers alighted the vehicle, inducing a fear amongst the checkpoint soldiers for their lives. The checkpoint soldiers opened fire at them, seriously wounding one. The wounded received initial treatment on the site, and was transferred to a hospital for medical treatment. The second passenger was handed over to security forces for investigation. The IDF spokesperson emphasizes that the awareness of security forces at the checkpoint prevented a serious terrorist attack in the territories beyond the “green line”. This incident reiterates the necessity of checkpoints to safeguard the security of the citizens of Israel and IDF soldiers.