To my regret, there are incidents at many flash points in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. This is a result of Palestinian Policeman and civilians who organized and convened at the friction points and created a situation that can lead to escalation in the region and to sheding of blood. Werhave no interest to heat up the region and to create clashes. I hope the same goes for the Palestinians.

I spoke with the head of the Palestinian security apparatuses, Mohamad Dahalan and Jibril Rajub.

We agreed that the Palestinians will cease fire in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

In all incidents in which there was use of live ammunition, the IDF was forced to open fireout of self defense and and protection of the lines of IDF soldiers. There was also massive shooting at the outpost at Netzarim Junction. At this hour , a meeting is taking place between OC Southern Command and the Palestinian commander in Gaza to calm down the situation.

The key at present is in the hands of the Palestinians. If they order the Palestinian Policemen to stop shooting and disperse the Tanzim to their houses, we definitely have no interest to reach friction and create a confroutation in the area.

At present, the heads of the Palestinian security appatuses and at a meeting with chairman Arafat, and it is my deep hope that the instructions will be to calm down the region.

A confrountation of this type does not add to a dialogue between both sides, and I am in favcor of end the confrontation.

Today, without casualties to either side.

At present, the IDF hasseveral woundedsoldiers, and the Palestinians have severaldead.An effort must be madeto stop this violence, because it can develop into directions non of us wish to reach.

Our instruction are to decrease the level of friction and to act with restraint. To my deep regret, the developments today are the result of the Palestinian activity.