The West Bank:

Throughout the past day (Rosh ha Shana eve) shots were exchanged between the Palestiniand and IDF soldiers in the following locations: An IDF soldier was moderately wounded yesterday in the afternoon by shots fired from the village of Bitonia toward the “Ofer” camp near Ramallah. IDF forces responded with tank firing. Heavy fire had been opened in the evening toward the Jewish settlement in Hebron from the direction of Harat A – Sheich and Abu Seneina. IDF soldiers responded with tank fire and light fire toward the sources of the shots. During the late night hours shots were fired from the village of Zita toward the Magal communal settlement (located within the green line regions) and from the Village of Praon toward an IDF force in the southern Tul Carem blockade. There were no casualties and no damage caused. IDF soldiers returned fire toward the sources of the shots.

The Gaza Strip:

During the evening and night hours heavy fire and grenades were thrown toward IDF forces on the Israel – Egypt border near Raffiah. IDF soldiers returned machinegun fire. In addition tonight, an IDF force destroyed an unpopulated building south of Raffiah, that previously served as shelter for shooters and grenade throwers. IDF forces destroyed the foundation of another structure that served as shelter for underground tunnels that served for weapons smuggling attempts. The activity took place in territories under complete Israeli security control (“The Military Facility Region”). In addition, following the event last night, where mortar bombs were fired toward the Israeli settlement in the northern Gaza Strip, a joint force combined of Armed corps, Engineering corps and infantry destroyed a Palestinian police post in the region and several other structures within territories under complete Palestinian control. The said territories were the source of mortar bombs that were fired tonight. The region of the Palestinian post served in the past, on many occasions, as the source of mortar bombs fired toward the settlement and toward IDF forces travelling in the area. IDF Spokesperson emphasizes that IDF will use all measure required to protect the Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers and to thwart the Palestinian terror.