West Bank:

An Israeli citizen was seriously wounded this the evening (29.11) by an ambush set for his vehicle as he drove by the village of Otzarim, southeast of Nablus. The citizen was given primary care on location, and then flown by an Air Force helicopter to continue treatment in hospital.

A Palestinian terrorist was seriously wounded as he attempted to place an explosive devise in the Abada Junction, south of Hebron. IDF forces that arrived at the location gave the terrorist primary medical care, and he was then flown to continue treatment in hospital in an Air Force helicopter.

A number of shooting incidents were recorded today, among them, shots were fired at Rachel’s Tomb, at the Shalalot in Hebron. IDF forces returned fire.

Disturbances occurred in a number of locations: rocks were thrown at the Ayosh Junction, and at the Husan bypass road near Bethlehem, and in addition, firebombs were thrown at the Shalalot in Hebron.

Gaza Strip:

A number of Palestinians attempted to infiltrate into Israeli territory in the afternoon south of the Kissufim Crossing. An IDF force on location opened warning fire in the direction of the infiltrators, and forced them back into PA territory. Shots were fired at the IDF force while they prevented the infiltration. The IDF force responded with fire at the sources of the shots and apparently two of the shooters were killed and two were wounded.

In the morning a number of firebombs were thrown at an IDF armored vehicle of the IDF near Rafah, and rocks were thrown at the convoy from the same locations. During the afternoon shots were fired at an IDF patrol that moved north from the Kissufim Crossing along the border fence. IDF soldiers returned fire. No soldiers were injured as a result of the shots.

Shots were fired in the evening at an IDF post near the village of Dugit and at an IDF post south of Erez. IDF forces returned fire at the source of the shots.